Mechanical Engineering - Science


Program Flyer:    Associate in Science Pre-Engineering concentration in Mechanical
Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest and oldest engineering disciplines. The Mechanical Engineering curriculum prepares students with the coursework required to transfer to the Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. A BSME degree can lead to careers spanning a broad area in the design, management and development in the fields of mechanics, robotics, motorsports, principles of energy, materials, manufacturing.

Degree Awarded
Students complete the first two years of coursework at Central Piedmont Community College and transfer to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  After successfully completing this two-year program (i.e., passing each course with a grade of C or better, and obtaining an overall GPA of 2.5 or better), graduates can join the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science at UNC Charlotte as a junior in the BSME program.  For more information on transfer to UNC Charlotte, visit

Mechanical Engineering


  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required. High school students preparing for the BSEE transfer program should complete courses in calculus-based algebra, trigonometry, and advanced mathematics. Skills and proficiencies should be developed in writing, computer literacy, and science.
  • CPCC placement tests are required in English and mathematics. Advancement Studies in mathematics and English courses are available for students to build basic skills and knowledge.A counseling/orientation appointment follows placement testing.
  • Many courses have prerequisites or corequisites; check the Course Descriptions section for details.