Computer Integrated Machining Technology


The Computer Integrated Machining Technology curriculum is designed to develop skills in the theory and safe use of hand tools, power machinery, computerized equipment and sophisticated precision inspection instruments. Students will learn to interpret blueprints, set up manual and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines; perform basic and advanced machining operations and make decisions to ensure that work quality is maintained.

Employment opportunities for machining technicians exist in manufacturing industries, public institutions, and governmental agencies and in a wide range of specialty machining job shops. Jobs requiring degrees in Computer Integrated Machining Technology can be found here.

The Computer Integrated Machining Technology Program at CPCC provides students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in CNC programming and a broader knowledge in CNC Graphics Programming. All projects are performed on full-scale equipment used in local industry.

Degrees Awarded

Computer Integrated Machining Technology Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) Degree (A50210)

D50210 Computer Integrated Machining Diploma

C50210-C1 CIM with Specialization in CNC Programming and Operations Certificate

C50210-C3 CIM with Specialization in Basic Machining Skills Certificate

C50210-C4 CIM with Specialization in Motorsports Machining Certificate

C50210-C6 CIM with Specialization in Computer Integrated Machining Pathway Certificate

C50210-C7 CIM with Specialization in Advanced CNC Technology Certificate

More Information

Program Chair
Quay Hunter

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