Financial Aid

Financial Aid:
The college has a long history of providing financial aid to students. Even before the merger of Mecklenburg College and the Central Industrial Education Center (CIEC) into Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) in 1963, aid programs were set up to encourage enrollment. For example, the federal Manpower Development Training Act (MDTA) began under the CIEC and was continued at CPCC. Over the years the college and its students have benefited from federal Title III, Title IV, DHEW programs including the Nursing Student Loan/Scholarship program; Federally Insured Student Loans; Stafford Student Loans; National Defense/Direct/Perkins Student Loans; Basic/BEOG/Pell Grants; Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants; Work Study. Concerned about the possible loss eligibility in the Pell Grant program due to rising default rates, the College decided several years ago to stop approving student loans. This decision was made with regard to the federal Stafford loans and Perkins loans. Today, the College participates fully in the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work-Study, and Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants.

In regard to student loans, a special emphasis was placed on providing access to alternative loans. It is expected this program will continue to grow. Growth has been observed in other areas. From the State of North Carolina, there is financial aid available from both the NC State Incentive Grant and the NC Community College grants. Emphasis on financial aid at the college is receiving attention campus-wide. The College in association with the Central Piedmont Community College Foundation has pledged and is raising funds for scholarships.

The Financial Aid/Veteran Affairs Office has a long history working with Veteran’s programs. A Veteran Affairs Officer visited the college, interviewed veterans who are benefiting from the VA’s rehab program. At the conclusion of the visit, the VA Officer informed the Director of Financial Aid/VA at CPCC that of the 58 community colleges in the state of North Carolina, the program and the manner it is administered at CPCC is in the top three in the state.