Graduation Prep


Career Services:
Career Services assists faculty, employers, community agencies, students, graduates and community members. Students receive assistance with career counseling, resume writing, career information, on-line job search and job search techniques. Employers receive assistance with their employment needs through free on-line job postings, on campus recruiting, career fairs and our Resume Referral Program.

Community members can avail themselves of our Career Transition Services located at the Cato Campus (704) 330-4846. Presentations are given to classes as requested by faculty. The staff works closely with faculty to provide career information and statistics related to their programs. 

Graduation/Institutional Records Management:
The purpose of the Graduation Office is to provide a high quality service to the students who are potential graduates by thoroughly auditing individual records and informing the students of their final requirements prior to their graduation.

The responsibility of certifying graduates and storing institutional records originally fell on the shoulders of the Admissions and Records Office. In time, a Special Projects Coordinator was hired to oversee the graduation process and assist with the management of the larger office. During this time, the Special Projects Coordinator and a computer programmer for the College wrote the Preliminary Graduation Review program currently used to audit student records. The graduation process required enough attention to mandate a separate entity, and during the mid-1990s, Graduation/Special Projects became a separate department and physically moved to the basement of the Central High Building. This department also acquired the Information Center. A few years later, the Information Center became part of the new department of Student Information Services, and Institutional Records Management became part of the Graduation Office. In spring 2000, the Graduation/Institutional Records Management Office gained the additional responsibility of certification for the Adult High School program.