ESS Directors


Vision Statement

  • Enrollment and Student Services (ESS) at CPCC cultivates positive change in the lives of students.

  • The Enrollment and Student Services Directors for Multi Campus provide leadership, accountability, and coordination of a variety of support services designed to compliment a student’s successful experience at each campus. We achieve this mission by working in a partnership with all units of the college to build an inclusive, supportive, and engaging community of learners at each campus

What We Do

  • The Enrollment and Student Services Directors (ESS Directors) provide campus leadership to ensure the efficient operation of Enrollment and Student Services functions on each campus.
  • The ESS Directors coordinate student services schedules, and assist with campus wide programming. Recommendations or concerns about student services at the area campuses should be directed to the ESS Directors.
  • Area campus tours are coordinated by the ESS Directors and are given with advance notice. Future students are welcome to contact the ESS Directors for general questions about the services offered at the area campuses.