Transportation Safety

Many employees drive personal vehicles and/or College vehicles on a daily basis.   It is the belief of Environmental Health and Safety that many accidents can be prevented.   Defensive Driving courses are taught periodically to increase awareness of driving hazards.  Please review the following driver safety tips.

Always wear a seat-belt and insist that everyone in your vehicle do the same.  Many things are beyond your control, but one factor that is solely within your control is the decision to buckle up all occupants.  Remember, it's the law!

Stay alert
Do not drive a vehicle when you are drowsy or not alert.  Keep your attention focused on driving safely.

Mobile Phone Use
Never use a mobile phone while driving.  Always park the vehicle in a safe spot before using a mobile phone.

Road Rage
Don't be a victim of road rage - let irate drivers pass. Do not block lanes, do not change lanes without signaling first, do not tailgate, avoid use of your horn or high-beam lights unless necessary, and never make an obscene gesture toward another driver.    Try to remain calm and courteous at all times.

Drugs and Alcohol
Never drive a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Follow prescription drug warnings as it pertains to driving or operating equipment.

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