Student Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance

The 2014-2015 plan is available to students enrolled in specific, high risk classes. The plan insures students against loss resulting from accidental bodily injury sustained while participating in or attending specific classesStudent Accident Insurance is required for specific classes and is paid for at the time of registration. (Students will be notified at time of registration if class requires Student Accident Insurance.)

Policy Information

The policy offers primary coverage if the student has no other accident or health insurance coverage.  If other accident or health insurance coverage is in force, the policy becomes secondary. Coverage starts at the beginning of the term and stops at the end of the term.


The insurance plan provides coverage to students enrolled in specific, high risk classes and is primary to Medicaid and TriCare. Coverage provided for injuries sustained while Insured Student is:
  1. Participating in activities sponsored and supervised by the school except for play and/or practice of Intercollegiate Sports;
  2. Traveling during such activities as a member of a group in transportation furnished or arranged by the school or
  3. Traveling directly to or from the Insured's home premises and the site of such activities.


Only students in specific classes are required to purchase Student Accident Insurance and the fee will be included in tuition. Examples of specific classes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Use of equipment
  2. Contract obligations ex: Medical, Dental, etc.
  3. High Risk classes ex: Culinary, PE, Diving, etc.


    Filing an Accident Claim Form

    1. Complete a CPCC Incident Report with Security at 704-330-6632.

    2. The Incident Report will be forwarded to the Risk Analyst in the CPCC Risk Management office.

    3. Student Accident Insurance will be verified, then a signed Accident Claim Form will be forwarded via college email account to the student.

    4. The Student should mail the completed and signed claim form along with any invoices or bills to Doug Sutton Insurance Services, PO Box 20104, Raleigh NC 27619.

    5. For claim-related questions, call (919) 836-9993 or (800) 788-7771.


    Servicing Agent:
    Doug Sutton Insurance Services
    P.O. Box 20104
    Raleigh, NC 27619
    Telephone Number (919) 836-9993
    North Carolina Toll Free (800) 788-7771