Student Insurance

Please click on the appropriate link below (Student Accident, Student Health or International Travel) for more information:

Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance is available to students enrolled in specific, high risk classes and is required for specific classes. Students will be notified at time of registration if class requires Student Accident Insurance and the fee will be paid at that time.

Student Health Insurance

Central Piedmont Community College has worked with Community College Student Insurance (CCSI) for more than 15 years in order to provide an affordable volunteer health insurance program for students and their families.  CCSI is responsible for enrollment, eligibility verification, and premium collection for the plan.

Central Piedmont Community College does not specifically endorse this plan or this provider. The Community College Student Insurance program is not endorsed by or affiliated with the State Board of Community Colleges nor the Community College System Office

International Travel (Study Abroad)


Enrollment is limited to CPCC Students. The coverage starts at the beginning of the trip and stops at the end of the trip.  Off time travel not covered by policy (Sightseeing, etc.).

Authorization, roster and waiver forms specific to Study Abroad opportunities at CPCC are located within the Global Learning department.