Reserving & Using CPCC Vehicles

Use of College Owned Vehicles

CPCC maintains a small fleet of vehicles which can be used by faculty and staff, full or part-time, for college purposes. Before requesting a college owned vehicle, please review the Use of College Vehicles section of the Enterprise Risk Management website.

Reserving a College Vehicle

Processing the required information can take up to 7 days. Please plan ahead and allow adequate time for CPCC personnel to complete the process.

Step One:

Employee reviews Driving Regulations.

Step Two:

Employee submits a completed MVR Inquiry form to Jessica Slack in Enterprise Risk Management. Once the MVR Inquiry form is received, it is then provided to our insurance provider for processing.

Please note: a MVR is kept on file for one year from the initial process date.  If expired, a new MVR Inquiry will be requested.


Step Three:

Submit a CPCC Vehicle Use Authorization form to Joy Jackson in Facilities Services. Please provide all details regarding the expected travel itinerary.  If this form is received and there is no record of a current MVR on file, a college owned vehicle cannot be reserved.

Step Four:

Following the review of the information by Emergency Risk Management and Facilities personnel as well as review of driving record by CPCC’s insurance provider, notification will be sent to the requester and supervisor.

  • Reserving Vehicles: Contact Joy Jackson, Facilities Services
  • MVR Inquiry Form: Contact Jessica Slack, Enterprise Risk Management