Driving Regulations

College Vehicle Driving Regulations

  1. Only staff and faculty, full or part-time, will be allowed to operate college-owned vehicles for college purposes only.
  2. Only authorized categories of passengers are allowed to ride in college-owned vehicles; students, faculty, staff, invited guests of faculty or staff.
  3. Do not use cell phones while refueling college owned vehicles.
  4. Hand held cell phones should not be used while operating a college-owned vehicle.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in college-owned vehicles.
  6. The use of seat belts is enforced according to state law.
  7. No person shall leave a college-owned vehicle unattended without first stopping the engine and removing the keys according to state law.
  8. No students will be allowed to operate college-owned vehicles.
  9. Employees who drive college-owned vehicles are required to immediately report to their supervisor the following situations:
    • any moving traffic law convictions occurring after signing the initial agreement
    • suspension/revocation of state drivers license occurring after signing the initial agreement
    • traffic accident involving a college-owned vehicle or a privately owned vehicle if on college business
    • injuries sustained by the employee or third parties
    • damage the employee caused to college-owned vehicles
  10. Employees who fail to inform their immediate supervisor of any of the situations mentioned in #9 of this section will be in violation of college driving regulations and subject to disciplinary action and/or loss of college-vehicle driving privileges.
  11. The immediate supervisor of an employee that has reported to them situations described in #9 of this section are required to forward the information to the Enterprise Risk Management office, within a 24-hour time frame.
  12. Complete CPCC Vehicle Use Authorization Form.
  13. Employees, while driving college owned vehicles, must adhere to all posted speed limits to avoid revocation of driving privileges of college owned vehicles.
  14. Only College owned vehicles are to be used to tow CPCC trailers or other college property.