The minimum guidelines to evaluate potential employee drivers are:

  1. Employee must hold a valid North Carolina or South Carolina driver’s license.
  2. Any employee with more than 2 “current” convictions of a moving violation and corresponding state points or at fault accidents (“current” means the period necessary for points to be deleted from the state driver’s license record—usually three (3) years) will not be allowed to operate college-owned vehicles.
  3. Any employee with a conviction of a major violation within the last 3 years will not be allowed to operate a college vehicle (major violations would include DUI, vehicular homicide, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident in which bodily injury resulted, or assault with a motor vehicle).


College Annual Audit

The college will review annually the driving records of employees who operate college owned vehicles as part of their job duties.  College employees who request to use motor pool vehicles will have a DMV check.


New Hires of the College

Vehicle driving criteria/policy will be part of the new hire orientation.