Business Continuity at CPCC

What is Business Continuity?

All businesses are threatened by unplanned disruptions to their business. Business Continuity planning prepares us to minimize the impact of disruptions and return to “business as usual” in an acceptable amount of time.  Through business continuity planning, we are able to outline how the college will continue (or resume), restore and recover critical processes/functions in the event of a business disruption. Generally speaking, it is all about resiliency!


Stages of Business Continuity Planning

  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Recovery Strategy Development
  • Plan Development and Execution
  • Plan Test and Maintenance


Business operations are comprised of numerous inter-related tasks and processes all focused on providing a service to either internal or external dependencies.  It is important to first understand the business processes and their impact on Central Piedmont Community College during the Business Continuity planning process.

While all processes are not considered critical, all processes are required to provide a complete business service.  Services that directly impact the ability of the College to meet its mission-critical objectives such as providing all of the necessary support for the educational requirements of the students, life safety services, etc. must be recovered in a timelier manner.  Other services, although important, may not require immediate recovery, and could be delayed in some cases.