Community Health Paramedic Course

Spring 2019- Community Health Paramedic Course

Community Health Paramedicine Course (Online Course)
Course Number: EMT 7088-01
Dates: February 04-March 31, 2019

Location: Online
Clinical Time: Course does require 24 hours of ride time with a local Community Paramedic Program in the greater Charlotte area.  To be scheduled as 2-12 hours shifts from 0700 to 1900 hours.

Course Cost: Tuition - $180 + Prof. Liability, Student Accident and CAPS fee.

This course is designed to provide an in depth exposure to the concept of Community Health Paramedicine. The course will provide exposure to the practical and functional aspects of the paramedic's role and capabilities as a Mobile Integrated Healthcare Provider.

On completion, students should be able to demonstrate an operational awareness of the growing focus on Community Paramedic Programs.

Successfully completing this program will qualify you to the International Board of Speciality Certifications Community Paramedic Exam. Link to IBSC

To register call CCE Customer Service - 704-330-4223, option 2

Textbook - Community Health Paramedicine (AAOS) Pollak, Andrew, ISBN 9781284040968

QuestionsDavid Bailey or call 704-330-2722 extension 7027