Program Requirements and Application

Paramedic Program Requirements - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

How do I apply to the program?

First, you must be a student at CPCC.

Step 1: Application to the college

You must complete application to the college before you apply to the EMS Curriculum program.

  • Complete College Admissions Application at any CPCC campus or online at
  • Meet with an academic advisor or a counselor at any CPCC campus. No appointment is necessary.
  • Transcripts: Submit official copies of High School and College transcripts to Student Records at any CPCC campus or mail to CPCC Student Records, PO Box 35009, Charlotte, NC 28235-5009.
  • If your school transcripts are not from the United States, you will need to have an International Transcript Evaluation performed by an agent outside of CPCC. Students are advised to submit their record of courses to an agency recognized by NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluating Services) for an international evaluation. There are fees for this service. A letter grade (A, B or C) and earned credit hours must be provided for each course. Course equivalencies such as “Pass” or “Satisfactory” are not acceptable. The website for this agency is
  • Only coursework with a grade of “C” or better will be given transfer credit.

When does the next application period start?

  • Application periods are April 1 – April 31, 2015

When will students admitted into the program begin class?

  • August, 2015. Notification of acceptance into the program will be given in June, 2015.

How many students are admitted?

  • No more than thirty students will be admitted into the program at one time.

What is the cost of the program?

What if I am missing information or submit the application late?

  • Incomplete applications or applications submitted after the stated deadline will be considered on a case – by case basis. Program Chair will make the final decision.

STEP 2: Process for Application to the EMS Program

Admission to the program is based on the following criteria:

  • Current NC or Nationally Registered EMT
  • Successful completion of Bio 168 and 169
  • Complete Program Application    -
  • Create an account and take PHISDAP Test – This testing will be completed at the college testing center – dates to be announced.

What are the additional requirements upon acceptance into the program?

  • Criminal Background Check – All accepted students are required to undergo a criminal background check. Procedural information concerning these requirements will be provided upon acceptance.
  • Drug Screen: Students will be required to submit to a drug screen. Procedural information concerning this requirement will be provided upon acceptance.
  • Acceptance may be revoked based on results of drug screen and background checks.

How do I apply?

  • Complete the application
  • Attach all required transcripts, test results, and certifications to the application packet. It is the student’s responsibility to provide all necessary documents. The EMS Education program does not have access to any transcripts. You must provide the documents with your application.
  • Applications should be sent to the attention of:

Michael Price, Assistant Director Public Safety

Central Campus, Elizabeth Building

PO Box 35009 Charlotte, NC  28235

704-330-2722 ext. 3289


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