Registration Process

EMT Registration Process – Follow These 4 Steps:

Apply to the college to get a Student ID Number - - Click ‘Get Started’

Once you have a student ID, please send to either (EMS 110) or (EMT 7306)

Under College Credit, Click ‘Start Now’– this category includes certificates

Submit all official transcripts – Instructions under ‘Get Started’

  • College Transcript - must show College Level English and Math
  • SAT Scores (less than 5 yrs. old) can be accepted – they must show a score of 500 or above in both Reading and Math

If you don’t have the above:

You will have to take the Placement Test (Accuplacer)

  • You must place into ENG 111 with a composite score of 153
  • You must place into DMA 010-050 with a score of 7

To Schedule Test - Go to

  1. Type schedule placement test in the Search Box and follow the prompts
  2. Tell the testing center you are taking the test for EMT. They will contact you with the results and forward them to the EMS Department.
  3. Create your login – Instructions under ‘Get Started’
  4. After your transcripts, or scores, have been entered in the system (login to your ‘My College Account to verify), email Deborah Parrish for further instructions: for the continuing education (EMT 7306) or fro the curriculum courses (EMS 110) Please include you CPCC Student ID number.
  5. Submit information for Criminal Background Check