Critical Alert

If a tragedy or emergency happened on your campus wouldn’t you want to know? Get the latest information you need immediately through the CPCC Critical Alert emergency notification text messaging* and direct phone call system.

*Students and employees are automatically enrolled in the system. Please be aware of your individual cell phone plan and the costs involved for text messaging and calls. You may edit your Critical Alert message settings at any time.

When would the College send an emergency notification?

As defined in the College’s All Hazards Emergency Plan, emergency announcements would be sent in any Level III or Level IV emergency situation.

Level III: An incident that has potential to have widespread impact to the public safety and/or property and requires assistance from an outside agency.

Level IV: An incident or series of events that poses significant risk to persons and property requiring substantial assistance from resources outside the College.


How will I be alerted if I don’t have a cell phone or do not sign up for this service?

Emergency messages will continue to be sent via campus e-mail, on the CPCC website, emergency information hotline (704.330.6888), CPCC TV, local media (including radio, TV, and online newspaper). Additional emergency communications are being developed continuously. The addition of text and direct phone calls will enhance our emergency notification efforts already in place.


What kinds of messages will I receive if I sign up?

This system will only be used in the event of a true emergency such as an intruder, natural disaster, or campus emergency. To ensure that the system is working properly, you may receive a test message each semester.


What kind of guarantee is the College going to make that I will actually receive notification of an emergency?

Unfortunately, in a crisis situation there are factors beyond our control; therefore, there is no total guarantee that you will receive the notification. Remember this system is only one part of the notification plan the College currently has in place. We encourage you to access all methods of communication provided by the College during a crisis situation. In addition, it is important that you provide as many types of contact information as possible, including a valid e-mail address to the College, and phone numbers to the Critical Alert Emergency Notification System for text and direct phone calls.


How fast will I receive the emergency notification?

CPCC has taken a multi-layered approach to emergency communications to ensure that the CPCC community is well informed in such an event. Using both internal and external notification methods, we hope to reach each student at least once with critical information.


If I get an emergency text message or voice announcement and want more information, whom should I call?

In an emergency, phone lines will most likely be flooded. For additional information we encourage our faculty, staff and students to check for updated information at, the automated emergency phone line (704.330.6888), CPCC TV, and local media outlets (including radio, TV, and newspapers).


If I have trouble signing up for Critical Alert Emergency Notification, whom can I call?

You can either visit or contact the ITS help desk at 704.330.5000.