Faculty Responsibilities

The CPCC All Hazards Emergency Response Plan provides procedures for the safe and orderly evacuation of effected areas in case of fire or other emergencies. In some incidents, personnel may need to “Shelter in Place” such as a hazardous material spill or weather related emergency. The role of faculty members during evacuation or “Shelter in Place” situations is crucial to the safety of students.

Faculty Members should:

  1. Review the evacuation route/fire exit plan posted in your area with the students in your class.
  2. In the event of an evacuation, lead your students to the designated assembly point for your building.
  3. If you know of any students absent during the evacuation, it would be helpful to report this information to emergency responders to possibly prevent an unnecessary personnel search.
  4. In the event of a need to “Shelter in Place”, remain in your classroom with your students until instructed to move by Security, the Building Emergency Captain or other emergency personnel.
  5. If you are instructed to shelter in place, close all windows and stay away from windows. You may be instructed to move to a safer location, i.e., an interior room or a lower floor.
  6. Try to maintain order with your students until clarification of the situation has been given by Security, the Building Emergency Captain or other emergency personnel.
  7. If you have a student with a disability in your class, become familiar with how to assist him/her during an emergency. Review the procedure for Assisting Persons with Disabilities in the Emergency Evacuation Plan.
  8. Review any safety related information with your students upon request.