eLC Support Options


eLearning Community Support Resources

CPCC eLearning community, you are not alone! We know that technology and online learning can present obstacles. CPCC representatives are trained and ready to assist you in overcoming these barriers. We want you to be successful with your eLearning courses and initiatives.
General Inquiries
If you have questions, concerns, or wish to discuss CPCC's eLearning Community initiative, contact Instructional Development's "eLearning Faculty Support Hotline" at (704)330-6111 or send an email to idev@cpcc.edu.
If you desire training in eLearning, online teaching, related applications and technologies, etc, please contact CPCC's Professional Development area. [more]
Support Resources
The eLC contains a growing collection of support resources; documents, FAQ's, how-to's, best practices, tutorials, videos, screen captures, etc. These will address many common questions that eLearning faculty and staff have. [more]
Technical Support
If you are experiencing technical difficulties or errors, please contact the Help Desk for assistance. This would include such things as login problems, error messages, and software issues. [more]
Student and General Public Support
CPCC students and general public, click here for more eLearning resources and options tailored just for you!