Online Minimum Standards

Online Course Minimum Standards

Online courses cannot be taught the same way as a traditional course. Often this leads to faculty being left out on their own to figure out how to design their online courses.

CPCC has made a commitment to supporting you in the design of your course(s) by providing you with minimum standards for your online course. These range from additional syllabus elements that are not necessary in the traditional course to student engagement strategies in the online environment.

As a guide in this process, there are 2 versions available.

  1. Basic Checklist
    Which provides the Standards in a simple list format
  2. Checklist aligned with Blackboard Navigational Template
    which identifies the elements that are mandatory, modifiable, or optional in the Core Course


A Sample Document containing examples of syllabus language that can be used for the Online Course Minimum Standards development can be found here.

If your course is using a division master it is also important that you review the Guidelines for Appropriate use of a Division Master and work with your Division Director, Program Chair, or Discipline Chair for any possible changes.