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Online programs and course offerings have continued to grow at CPCC. In an effort to assist faculty in developing their online courses in a manner that supports student success, eLearning has developed some tools and steps to follow.

The first step to developing a strong online course is to use the Minimum Standards Checklist. Not sure how to include something, check out the samples provided with the checklist.

As you teach your course you will identify areas that work perfectly and others not nearly as well as you thought. So plan on making revisions, it is only natural. During this time it may be a good idea to review the Quality Course Review standards. While this is optional at CPCC, it is a great goal to strive toward.

When you are comfortable with your course, complete the process for Qulaity Course Review and earn the CPCC Quality seal.

*NOTE: To be eligible to teach an online course for CPCC, a faculty member must show evidence of proficiency with one of our two Learning Management Systems and Online Pedagogy. Most often this is by completing the internal training offered.