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Quality Online Initiatives

Online programs and course offerings have continued to grow rapidly at CPCC. In an effort to ensure quality and consistency in support of student success, tools and structures are being implemented. The flowchart below is designed to assist individuals with identifying what is required of them beginning in the fall 2015 semester.  *Please note that in many cases the implementation of these initiatives began prior to the fall 2015 semester.

Fall 2015 Online Course Requirements

Initiatives in Detail

With a focus on student success, a cross-college committee reviewed the research, best practices and effective online models and developed a series of recommendations for college-wide adoption.

  • Several programs were identified for fully online delivery, and the courses that comprise these programs have led the way with the implementation for the quality online initiatives.
  • NEW! Effective Fall 2015, the CPCC Quality Course Standards Checklist (QCSC) replaces the Online Minimum Standards Checklist. It was developed by a faculty-driven eLOT subcommittee and combines elements of the Quality Course Rubric and the Online Minimum Standards Checklist.The CPCC Quality Course Standards Checklist serves as the foundation for the elements of quality that should be present in all online courses.
  • The Navigation template builds on a Universal Design principle that ensures that the structure for the course is consistent and eliminates the burden for students to learn a new navigation process for every course they are taking in any given semester.
  • The Core Course is a course developed by full time faculty in collaboration with eLearning that is the basis for building all sections of that course. All Core Courses include the Navigation template and the CPCC Quality Course Standards. This model provides a common structure and consistent outcomes in a manner that facilitates student success in the online course.

The navigation template and the Core Course model are being implemented in phases. For specifics please view the implementation timeline.

    *NOTE: To be eligible to teach an online course for CPCC, a faculty member must show evidence of proficiency with one of our two Learning Management Systems and online pedagogy. Most often this is by completing the internal training offered.