Courses Available

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Starting a Business

Business Startup Boot Camp Certificate Program
How to Start and Operate a Small Business
New Product Idea?  Go from Concept to Commercialization
Starting a Nonprofit

Essentials in Business

Crowd Funding and Alternative Sources to Rasing Capital
Mastering Financials with CPA Analysis
Business Plan Fundamentals
Market Research: Getting the Right Data to Make the Right Decisions
Business Budgeting and Financials: The Basics
Income Taxes: Important Issues For The Small Business Owner
Budgeting and Forecasting
Keys to Creating a Successful Loan Application
Managing Your Account Receivables
Effective Business Writing

Sales and Marketing

Sales Success: Making Your Sales Soar
Mobile Marketing:  The New Game in Town
Using YouTube to Promote Your Business
Internet Strategies for Small Business Owners
Design Your First Business Website - Free With Yola
Social Media Marketing Tools for Business Owners

Accounting with QuickBooks

Basic Accounting with QuickBooks
QuickBooks Level 1
QuickBooks Level 2
QuickBooks Certified User: Exam Review and Certification Test
Job Costing in QuickBooks

Business Growth and Development

Getting to the CORE of Business: Strategic Development System
Bidding and Managing Federal Contracts
Leading a Small Business Enterprise

Nonprofit Essentials

Starting a Nonprofit
Completing the Application for 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status
Fundraising from Strategy to Results
From Grant Seeking to Grant Writing
Making Your Grant Budget Work
The Fundamentals of Board Governance: Board Basics
Management of Outcome-Based Assessments
Partnerships in Practice: Building Strategic Alliances

Courses vary in length and may be offered at different campus locations. Group training is available through the Corporate Learning Center.