Early Childhood Associate Degree Advisory Committee

Advisory committees are established to provide a means of assuring continuing communications between CPCC and the various communities it serves. Committees serve to improve academic programs, strengthen connections to the local business/industrial community, consolidate advice and support, structure operations around efficient principles of effective organizations, and create an effective response team.

Specific functions of advisory committees within the College may vary somewhat; however, the major responsibilities of an advisory committee include:

· Advise in developing course content for specific occupations.

· Suggest competent resource individuals.

· Assist in job placement of students.

· Assist in program evaluation.

· Assist in providing financial support.

· Assist in the development of community understanding and support of the program. Counsel in faculty recruitment and selection.

The minimum size should be eight individuals and the maximum twelve. The College will attempt to have broad representation by allowing no more than one member per term to serve at one time. Also, no more than two graduates of the program advised, with three years’ minimum work experience each may serve at any one time. Attention will be given to race and gender diversity. The division director and the program chair will serve as ex officio members of the committee. All faculty members teaching in the program may be invited to attend meetings, but faculty members are not members of the advisory committee. It is also suggested that a current student be invited to attend committee meetings as a non-voting member.

2012 – 2013 Advisory Committee

Dr. John Ellis
Carlton G. Watkins Center
Mecklenburg Children's Developmental Services

Colette Jeffries
Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

Courtney Helms
Assistant Director
Primrose School at Austin Village

Wendy Krupowicz
DCD Licensing Supervisor
Division of Child Development

Joy Parks
Joyland Home Childcare

Barbara Rein
Program Evaluator
Mecklenburg Partnership for Children

Dr. Suzanne Lamorey
Associate Professor 
Special Education & Child Development

Tammy Pereboom
NC Assistive Technology