How to Register

Obtaining Permission to Register for Practicum

If you think you’re ready for Practicum, please see your faculty advisor by the announced deadline (please consult the main page of the website for more information).  Your advisor will guide you through the process of determining your eligibility for Practicum, and registering for Practicum.


1) Your advisor will assist you in completing a practicum application.

2) Your advisor will confirm eligibility, ensuring that you have declared a major in Early Childhood, have a GPA that meets requirements, have completed EDU prerequisites, and that you have completed the placement tests in English and Reading, with an appropriate score. (Students who have already completed English 111 do not have to take the placement tests). If you need to take the placement tests, your advisor will assist you in signing up for them.

3) If your eligibility is dependent on your successful completion of a course or courses in which you are currently enrolled, or upon receipt of an acceptable placement test score, your advisor will assist you in completing a Contingency Form. Your eligibility for practicum will be negated if courses on the contingency form are not completed successfully.

4) In order for you to be able to complete a portion of your practicum hours at you current work site, your advisor will confirm that site’s star rating or accreditation by searching the Division of Child Development’s website (to ensure a 3-star or higher rating) or by searching the NAEYC website.

5) You and your advisor will review a practicum checklist and you will be asked to sign a contract indicating that you understand the requirements for practicum. You will be provided a signed copy of the contract.

6) Your advisor will submit your application packet to the practicum coordinators, who will review all applications, contact eligible students, and provide permissions for registration. You will be able to register yourself during the normal registration period. Information on placement sites will be provided during the first week of class, during a scheduled lab time.

List of Faculty Advisors