Early Childhood Practicum (formerly Co-op)

The Early Childhood Practicum experience is designed to introduce students to early childhood classroom settings and the roles that professionals play in those settings.  Students are placed in high-quality early childhood environments where they work under the supervision of experienced mentor teachers as well as faculty coordinators.

Students spend a total of 3 hours per week for EDU 184: Introductory Practicum (48 hours per semester) and 9 hours per week for EDU 84 Capstone Practicum  (144 hours per semester) in their assigned settings.  Participation in a weekly or bi-weekly seminar, during which students discuss their practicum experiences and issues arising from those experiences, is also required. Students are placed in early childhood settings that are 3-star or higher, or that are NAEYC accredited, in compliance with state requirements.

Students enrolled in the Early Childhood AAS Degree Program are required to complete two practicum experiences: EDU 184: Early Childhood Intro Practicum (1) and EDU 284: Early Childhood Capstone Practicum (2).Students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Certificate with a Specialization in Early Childhood are required to complete one practicum experience: EDU 184 (Practicum 1).

Enrollment in a practicum course requires an application well in advance preregistration (in October of Spring semesters and in March or April for Fall semesters). Watch for reminders and emails from advisors and for announcements on Blackboard, the Early Childhood webpage, and in the Early Childhood area on Harris Campus.