Registration FAQs

Attention EDU students:

It is important when you are registering for EDU courses to note the type of course before you register so you will not be surprised when you begin the course. There are four types of courses:

Fully face to face (16 weeks long) all of your class hours will be in the classroom. Note: Check the beginning and ending date of the course

Fully online (16 weeks long) all of your class will be online. Note: Check the beginning and ending date of the course. Location will be online.

Fully face to face but a short session course: These courses are only 8 weeks long. Note: First short session (Jan-March) or second short session (March-May).

Hybrid: You will meet the class face to face each week but most of your work will be online. Look for the following note to determine if it is a hybrid course: "Mostly online with required classroom/lab component" and "additional #of hours/per week required online". These could be short session or complete term courses

Additional Information About EDU Lateral Entry Courses:

EDU courses with a section number beginning with an "L" are for individuals who have a four year degree (but not an education degree) and want to enter the field of education.

EDU curriculum courses (without section numbers beginning with an "L") are the courses that are required for the Early Childhood degree and cerficates in Early Childhood Education

CCE (Corporate and Continuing Education courses) are not courses that apply toward a degree.


*In addition to the Reading and English prerequisites for EDU courses, the following EDU courses have additional prerequisites:

EDU 214 (prerequisites: EDU 119, EDU 146, EDU 144, EDU 151/151a or EDU 251/251a or EDU 280/280a)

EDU 221 (prerequisites: EDU 144, EDU 145 or PSY 244 or PSY 245)
EDU 271 (prerequisites: EDU 214, CIS 111 or CIS 110)
EDU 284 (prerequisites: EDU 119, EDU 131, EDU 144, EDU 145, EDU 146, EDU 151/151a, EDU 214, EDU 221, EDU 251/251a, EDU 259, EDU 280/280a )
EDU 262 (prerequisites: EDU 261)