ACCUPLACER (Placement Testing)

Central Piedmont uses the ACCUPLACER to gather information about your academic skills in math, English, and reading. You can find additional information about the ACCUPLACER at Click on Placement Testing located on the left. Information about ACCUPLACER guides and practice are also located on the left.

Placement testing is offered at all CPCC campuses. Times and dates vary.  Appointments are required. Click HERE for appointment information.

The purpose of the placement testing is to provide an accurate assessment of a student’s proficiency at reading and writing.  The tests are computerized.  They are untimed.  It is highly recommended that students prepare for the test by reviewing the study guides and by getting adequate rest and nutrition the night before taking the test.  Before taking the placement test, please log on to CPCC’s website check out helpful tips and to take practice tests.  Click here for the link to the placement testing site.  There are several menu options in the white menu box on the left, including a video for students to view.

If you would like to take the Placement Tests at the Harris Campus, click on the link below:

Harris Campus Services Schedule


When students have completed the placement tests, a counselor will interpret the scores to let them know which English and Reading courses (if any) are needed.  Counselors or academic advisors will provide them with a written copy of the scores and the recommendation of next courses in these areas.  Any counselor or academic advisor at any campus can assist students.  The advisor at Harris Campus is Ben Sparger.  His number is 704-330-4634.  Students may then contact their EDU faculty advisor (assigned by student's last name) for assistance with registration.

A-B : Kristen Monteith: 704.330.4767

C-D : Harriette Dudley: 704.330.4770

E-G : Lisa Godwin: 704.330.4765

H-K : Sandy Newnan: 704.330.4769

L-M : Lisa Godwin: 704.330.4765

N-R : Christine Sargeant: 704.330.4768

S-T : Pam McIntyre 704.330.4613

U-Z :  Kelli Fitzgibbons: 704.330.4751