Plan of Study

New Students: Before registering for classes you must complete the First Year Experience Orientation at CPCC! 

Beginning in Fall 2014, the following co-requisites apply:

  1. Students who have not completed college-level English courses must complete a placement test in English and Reading prior to registering for courses.
  2. Students may register for EDU 119 regardless of placement test scores.
  3. Students who place into ABLE or DRE 096 (Adult Basic Literacy Education or Developmental Reading and English 096) must complete those levels prior to taking any EDU course beyond EDU 119.
  4. Students who place into DRE 097 may take that class concurrently (as a co-requisite) with 100-level EDU classes but may not take any 200-level EDU classes until DRE 097 is complete.
  5. Students who place into DRE 098 may take that class concurrently (as a co-requisite) with any 200-level EDU class and may take any 100-level EDU classes without enrolling in a DRE class.

Note: New students who transfer from another college and have already taken college English do not have to take the English and Reading placement tests in order to meet the co-requisite requirements. Students must request that their transcript(s) be sent to Central Piedmont Community College Office of Student Records.

For assistance enrolling in DRE classes reserved for Early Childhood classes, please contact the Early Childhood Recruiter, Linda Hall, at 704-330-4658.


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