How to Apply for Graduation


Once a student applies for graduation they don't have to do anything else.  An analyst will email the student to let them know if they are eligible, and will send an order form for the diploma itself.

If the student is not eligible, the graduation office will 1) see of a substitution is available and will make any "typical" subs.  If there is not "typical" sub, the student will be notified to contact the advisor.

It typically takes 6-8 weeks from the time of application until there is a response from the analyst.

The grad office will send us a monthly report with a list of all EDU Students who have applied and their status (eligible, ineligible).  We can follow up with students who are not eligible to support them.  We can contact the grad office for any details (why a student isn't eligible, etc).  We can also follow up with students who have not applied.  The office will also send us a list of our graduates.

We can also request a report detailing active students (versus inactive students), and we can request a "sweep" of our inactive students (remove the program code from students who haven't attended for 3 consecutive semesters). If the student returns, they can request that the program code be re-added.  This would keep our numbers "real".

Marcia is willing to come speak to EDU 284 students about the process, time frame, and cost.  We just need to confirm a date with her.