Course Delivery Methods

Early Childhood Education classes are offered via three delivery methods:

1.  Online:  all class content is delivered completely on-line (Blackboard) through your computer or laptop.
2.  Hybrid:  the majority of the course is delivered through Blackboard with varying degrees of face-to-face or class requirements.
3.  Face-to-Face:  all class content is delivered in a classroom setting.

CourseCourse TitleOnlineHybrid Face-to-Face
EDU 119 Intro. to Early Childhood Education x x x
EDU 131 Child, Family & Community x x x
EDU 144 Child Development I x x x
EDU 145 Child Development II x x x
EDU 146 Child Guidance
x x
EDU 151 Creative Activities x x
EDU 151a Creative Activities Lab

EDU 153 Health, Safety & Nutrition x x x
EDU 158 Healthy Lifestyles - Youth

EDU 184 Practicum I

EDU 221 Children with Exceptionalities x x x
EDU 234 Infants, Toddlers & Two's
x x
EDU 235 School Age Dev. & Programs x
EDU 251 Exploration Activities x x
EDU 251a Exploration Activities Lab

EDU 259 Curriculum Planning
x x
EDU 261 Early Childhood Administration I x x
EDU 262 Early Childhood Administration II x x
EDU 263 School-Age Program Administration x

EDU 271 Educational Technology x x
EDU 280 Language & Literacy Experiences x x
EDU 280a Language & Literacy Exp. Lab

EDU 284 Practicum II