Faculty and Staff

Division Director

Program Chair


  • Toria Grant - Smart Start Grant Activity Coordinator PT
  • Karen Anderson - Project Specialist, Teacher Education: Lateral Entry, Licensure Renewal


Part-Time Instructors 


If you have questions about our EDU classes, please contact your Advisor listed below who corresponds with the first letter of your last name.


A-B -  Advisor: Kristen Monteith: 704.330.4767

C-D -  Advisor: Lisa Godwin: 704.330.4765

E-G -  Advisor: Lisa Godwin: 704.330.4765

H-K -  Advisor: Kelli Fitzgibbons: 704.330.4751

L-M -  Advisor: Carla Brown: 704.330.4764

N-R -  Advisor: Christine Sargeant: 704.330.4768

S-T -  Advisor: Pam McIntyre: 704.330.4613

U-Z -  Advisor:  Kelli Fitzgibbons: 704.330.4751