Faculty and Staff

Division Director

Program Chair



Roslyn Meredith- Instructional Office Assistant
Kimberly Lancaster - PT Administrative Clerk Senior
Linda Hall - Recruiter
Drema Rahimipour - Lab Assistant


Christine Sargeant
Carla Brown
Kristen Monteith
Lisa Godwin
Pam McIntyre

Harriette Dudley

Sandy Newnan

Kelli Fitzgibbons

Part-Time Instructors

Karen Anderson
Lisa Cloninger
Mary-Margaret Kantor
Martha Huxster
Rachel Eklund
Zeba Mehdi


If you have questions about our EDU classes, please contact your advisor listed below that corresponds with the first letter of your last name.

A-B Advisor: Kristen Monteith: 704.330.4767

C-D Advisor: Harriette Dudley: 704.330.4771

E-G Advisor: Lisa Godwin: 704.330.4765

H-K Advisor: Sandy Newnan: 704.330.4769

L-M Advisor: Lisa Godwin: 704.330.4765

N-R Advisor: Christine Sargeant: 704.330.4768

S-T Advisor: Pam McIntyre 704.330.4613

U-Z Advisor:  Kelli Fitzgibbons: 704.330.4751