In most cases, your online course will provide online testing. However, testing options are left up to the discretion of the course instructor and therefore your courses may require on-site or proctored testing. Course testing is available at Central Campus, Levine Campus, Cato Campus, and Merancus Campus. Exam proctoring arrangements can also be made for students outside of Mecklenburg County.


On-Campus Testing

For campus testing centers, hours of operation, and resources, please visit the Testing and Assessment site [click here] or contact the Testing Center at (704)330-6886.
No course testing services are available at the Harris or Harper Campuses.
  • All students taking course tests must present a valid photo ID, i.e., CPCC student ID (preferred), driver's license, military ID, or passport.
  • Students should also bring two #2 pencils with them.
  • If taking a course test, please obtain your test document number from your instructor. This is usually listed on your course syllabus.
  • Plan to begin Math & Accounting tests at least 2 hours prior to center closing
  • Please turn off all cell phones & pagers before entering the testing centers
  • Unfortunately, children cannot be accommodated.
  • Hours may vary during break periods. Students should contact each campus for break schedule


Distance Learning Exam Proctoring

Proctoring of course tests for distance learning students outside of Mecklenburg County can be arranged.

New option! Remote-proctoring with ProctorU: "ProctorU allows you to take your exam from anywhere using a web cam and a high speed internet connection."  The ultimate in testing convenience and the fee may be less than you would pay to an in-person proctor.  Check with your instructor to see if ProctorU is an option in your course.

All students using proctoring services must present a valid photo ID, i.e., CPCC student ID (preferred), driver's license, military ID, or passport at the time of testing.

For more information about the test proctoring process, review the information below or email idev@cpcc.edu.

For more information about CPCC Testing & Assessment Center, visit the CPCC Testing & Assessment Center web site.


Proctor Application Form