Proctor Application Form

If you are a student from another institution who wants to take a proctored exam at CPCC, please visit the Testing & Assessment Center website (opens in new window) and contact them with any questions.

If you are a current CPCC student taking a fully on-line course that requires proctored exams AND you will be taking those exams someplace other than a CPCC Testing & Assessment Center, please complete the form below at least 3 business days prior to your first exam. Please read the "Selection and Qualification of Proctor" section carefully to see who can serve as a proctor.

Your completed form will be forwarded to your instructor for approval and you will be copied on the emails. If you have any questions about a proctor that you are considering, please consult with your instructor.

Note: CPCC is closed on Fridays during the summer term so forms will not be processed Friday-Sunday.