Distance Learning Resources

CPCC offers many services and resources to students completely online! As an eLearning student, this may be especially important to you as it provides added conveniences to your learning experience.

eLearning Student Orientation

Get started here! Are you a good candidate for eLearning? Are you ready for the beginning of the term and what is required of you to successfully complete your eLearning course? These questions and more are answered through the "eLearning Student Orientation". (more) Additionally, if you are a new student at CPCC, please take the time to attend a "New Student Orientation" online or in person.


CPCC eLearning students are expected to observe basic principles of social etiquette and online "Netiquette." More information on this concept are provided below. Netiquette is a catch-all term that is often used to describe the conventions of politeness and etiquette for electronic communications. "Netiquette" is comprised of two parts; 1) The "net" of the world-wide-web 2) etiquette. The concept has existed for many years and technological generations, yet remains as relevant today as ever before especially with regards to communications. (more)

Testing and Proctoring

In most cases, your eLearning will provide online testing. However, testing options are left up to the discretion of the course instructor and therefore your courses may require on-site or proctored testing. (more)


The CPCC libraries offer both physical campus locations throughout the Charlotte area and exceptional online resources, databases, research tools and much more. These convenient services provide online and eLearning students with convenient access to a world of information from your laptop or one of out convenient locations! For more information about CPCC's libraries, click here.

Additional Student Services and Resources

CPCC offers many other student services and resources that may be of interest to you. For a complete list of options, click here.