eLearning Student Testimonials

Successful eLearning Students

At CPCC, we strive to make your learning experience a success. Our staff of elearning professions are dedicated to providing you with the best possible learnign environment. If you have been a successful CPCC eLearning student, we want to hear from you! Email us your student testimonial that we may include it here.

Submitted Testimonials

I've been taking online courses for the past two years now and love it. It has given me the opportunity to further my education at work or in the convenience of my own home. I will also be graduating this fall and couldn't have done it without distance learning. Thank you CPCC!
Submitted by: Lilia Romingquet

I've been taking distance learning classes since 2001 and so far I love it. It's done on my own time and doesn't conflict with my work schedule. I am in the process of moving and to an extent, will be able to finish up my degree from California. I love CPCC elearning and wish it could be provided world wide.
Submitted by: Lilia Romingquet

I am a mother of four children. Taking classes online has allowed me to obtain an education while being at home with my family. I appreciate the flexibility and quality of the online instruction. Thank you for making it possible!
Submitted by: Brandie Tarleton

I have taken three classes online now, ENG114, PSY180, and CIS111... I love elearning! The convenience of having class in the comfort of your own home is great! It is a great opportunity.
Submitted by: Carly Buchanan

Through CPCC's Distance Learning, I have not only gained general knowledge, but I have also learned more about myself and my capabilities, while still finding time to spend with my family.
Submitted by: Carly Childs

I thoroughly enjoyed taking SOC-213, Sociology and the Family. Ms. Terina Roberson was wonderful! She participated in all activities and was available whenever needed. She made my first online course experience very enjoyable. Not only, was the course enjoyable, but the quality of course content and instruction was excellent!
Submitted by: Deidre Scott

Working full-time and being a wife and mom takes up a lot of my time. My online courses are making it possible to earn my degree with little interruption to my normal routine. The level of instruction I've received in all of the online course I've taken has been excellent.
Submitted by: Elaine Schmiedeshoff

The online classes are wonderful! I feel that I learned more in the online classes I have taken and plan to take many more!
Submitted by: Jennifer Kobee-Aedo

I am single mother with a full time job. Although, I desired to return to school and further my education, I didn't want to take time away from my daughter. After reading about the Distance Learning on the CPCC website, I decided to enroll. My experience was great! I was able to study at my own pace, communicating with my professor was never a task and I had access to all of the CPCC resources as if I were attending a class on campus. Most importantly, I didn't have to take anytime away from my daughter. I earned a B in the class and I am registered for 2 online classes this coming semester."
Submitted by: Kareena Sweat

I highly recommend anyone interested in taking a distance course to try it, this will be my third semester in them and my grades have been excellent! I really have enjoyed having the flexibility that online classes offer.
Submitted by: Shemia Robinson