Steps for Students Who Have a Disability Counselor

1. Maintain regular communication with the Disability Counselor: this is the student’s responsibility. Disability Counselors can help students in many situations, including (but not limited to):

  • Anytime a student registers for classes and needs accommodations for the classes
  • If a student is struggling academically
  • If a student wants to request new or additional accommodations
  • If a student feels that he/she has not adequately received accommodations
  • CPCC related questions and referrals
  • If a student needs more help with on or off campus issues


2. Request accommodation forms: The student must request accommodation forms for each semester that the student is enrolled at CPCC. These are not automatically generated. The accommodation form procedure is as follows:

  • The student must contact his/her assigned Disability Counselor to request accommodation forms after registering for classes to request their accommodation forms. (Students should contact Disability Services if they do not know who is their assigned Disability Counselor)
  • The student and the Disability Counselor sign all the forms.
  • Student delivers the forms to his/her Instructor(s).
  • The Instructor initials and dates the Instructor’s Copy and the Student’s Copy to verify when the form was received and that the accommodations were discussed with the student.
  • Once the Instructor receives and initials the forms, then the accommodations are considered active for that semester.
  • Instructor keeps the Instructor's Copy
  • Student keeps the Student's Copy
  • The student is also responsible for delivering a copy to the appropriate Testing Center, if they are using it as an accommodation.
  • For online classes: Student will email the instructor the accommodation forms, both the Student's copy and the Instructor's Copy. Instructors are responsible for initialing both copies and returning the Student's Copy to the student via email. Instructor keeps the Instructor's Copy.