In order to receive services, documentation must be provided which supports that a student has a disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities and impacts their ability to meet the demands of attending CPCC.  The documentation provided must be current, comprehensive, and state how the student’s disability is currently affecting them.  IEPs, 504 Plans, Social Security Disability Documentation, and Military Disability Papers – although providing valuable information – are not considered sufficient on their own to establish eligibility for Disability Services.  

Steps to receiving services from Disability Services:

•         Follow the Steps to enrollment and registration at
•         If you will need Financial Aid to come to CPCC, visit
•         Take the CPCC Placement Test – this test is taken on a computer and is untimed.  If you feel you need accommodations for the Placement Test, please send your documentation to Disability Services.  Once they have received your documentation, they will call you to schedule an initial interview and coordinate your testing accommodations.  Reasonable time must be given to Disability Services to review your documentation and schedule your placement tests.
•         All students should review the Placement test information and study guide materials at
•         Send your documentation to our office by fax, email, walk in or mailing them.

          Fax number: 704-330-6230       

          Mailing Address: Disability Services,Terrell Building, Room 219
                                          PO Box 35009, Charlotte, NC 28235-5009
After your documentation has been reviewed an appointment will be set up for you to meet with a Counselor. In the meeting your counselor will: 

•       Review your documentation with you                                

•       Review Disability Counseling Services Polocies 

•       Go over your goals at CPCC   

•       Review the process for registering for classes 

•       Discuss appropriateaccommodations 

•       Complete needed forms 

•       Schedule a follow up appointment
Once an Accommodation Form is completed the student will need to:
•        Have each instructor sign the form and if appropriate the Testing Center. It is very important that all forms are signed and returned to Disability Counseling Services.
•        The counselor will contact the student's instructor(s) to inform them that you are registered with Disability Services and what accommodations are needed.  Also, that the student will bring the instructor(s) the accommodations form to be signed and returned to the Disability Counselor.  This can also be done via e-mail.
•        If appropriate, schedule a meeting with the Testing and Technology Lab Facilitator, to discuss your test schedule and books in alternative format.   (