Referring Students to Disability Services-Best Practices

Tips for Faculty and Staff:

  • If a student does not self-identify to you but you believe they may have a disability it is important that you not make a referral to Disability Services until they self-identify. Avoid singling out a student in class (this can be embarrassing for the student).
  • Make general announcements to the class about Disability Services without singling out students.
  • Use a syllabus statement to provide students information on Disability Services.
  • Meet with a student one-on-one and discuss concerns you have from your observations of them in class. Focus on stating the facts and let them know there is help on campus and many Student Services are available, include Disability Services in a list of services you provide to the student.


If you ever have questions about how to best proceed when a student self-identifies or not, please contact Disability Services. We can always provide consultation to staff and faculty.