Disability Services Testing Center-Information for Faculty

Some students are approved to use the Disability Services Testing Center as an accommodation. If it is an approved accommodation, it will be indicated on the student's accommodation form. Disability Services Lab Facilitators will support accommodations that cannot otherwise be supported by the campus testing centers.

It is important to understand the instructor and student responsibilities for the Disability Services Testing Center at each campus.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Students should test in the campus location where they have class, unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor.
  • Students should schedule testing appointments with the Disability Services Lab Facilitators at dslab@cpcc.edu at least one week in advance if they need to test in the Disability Services Testing Center and specific attention for accommodations.
  • Students testing at satellite campuses should be aware of the testing center rules at the specific campus.

Instructor Responsibilities:

  • Instructors must submit tests into Disability Services at least two (2) working days prior to the test date.
  • Instructors should note special formatting for tests if necessary.  Contact the Disability Services Testing Center at dslab@cpcc.edu to submit tests and test entry forms for students in need of alternative format testing.


If you have questions about the Disability Services Testing Center, please contact x6621 or email the Lab Facilitators at dslab@cpcc.edu.