What is Attendance Leniency?

What is the Attendance Leniency accommodation and how is it used?

Attendance Leniency is a reasonable accommodation (as indicated on an official accommodation form), approved by Disability Services, for students with a documented disability which may impact their ability to attend class due to the unexpected nature of their medical condition. Students may use this accommodation by implementing the Attendance Leniency Plan (ALP). The ALP is a document used to communicate expectations when disability related absence(s) occur during the semester. The ALP provides guidance on how to satisfy course requirements when a disability related absence(s) prevent the student from completing assignments, quizzes, or exams. The ALP is unique per situation and relies on communication between student, faculty, and the Disability Counselor. The Disability Counselor will help facilitate conversation about the plan between the student and instructor upon student request.

For questions concerning Attendance Leniency, contact Disability Services.