Steps to Request BAF

Students need four items to request books in alternative format:

  1. An approved accommodation for books in alternative format.
  2. A completed Request Form.
  3. Proof of Purchase, such as a receipt.
  4. A USB flash drive or access to Google Drive (provided through CPCC email).

Steps to request books in alternative format:

  1. Check with textbook retailers or the publisher to determine if the book is available for purchase in a format accessible for the specific print disability.
  2. Purchase the book and keep proof of purchase if an accessible format is not available. Proof of purchase is needed to make a special request to the publisher from the Disability Services office.
  3. Complete a request form for each textbook requested online, in Word format, or in PDF format. Online requests will submit automatically. Word and PDF forms should be sent along with proof of purchase to Students may also submit a receipt in person to Disability Services during regular office hours.
  4. Check for updates. Students will be contacted by phone or email with status updates.
  5. Provide a USB flash drive or request access through Google Drive, when the books are ready.


    If you have not received textbook(s) or any status updates about textbook(s) within two weeks of making the request, please contact or 704.330.2722 x 3462.

    Please keep in mind that the textbook’s publisher reserves all rights to the textbook and accessible copies are issued at the publisher’s discretion.