Digital Film and Videography

The modern, digital landscape requires our students to be self-guided and multi-talented media entrepreneurs. The Broadcasting and Production Technology degree includes journalism, digital media, marketing, editing and technology courses and internship hours. Content creation and focused, journalistic writing are two of the main components of the program. The program will give you foundational journalism and critical thinking skills, along with digital and new media technology skills.  For more information contact Ms. Anasa Sinegal at or the Digital Media, Journalism and Communication Division office at (704) 330.2722, extension 3134.

The following courses are required to earn the certificate:

Course Prefix Course Name Offered

ART 266

Videography I (Digital Filmmaking)

Fall, Spring

ART 267

Videography II (Digital Filmmaking)

Fall, Spring

CIS 110

Introduction to Computers

Every semester

FVP 114

Camera & Lighting I

Fall, Spring

FVP 116

Sound operations I


FVP 220

Editing I


Every semester