Q: Do online classes require speeches?

A: Yes, students are required to submit speeches even if they are enrolled in an online/teleweb section. Since public speaking must be done in front of an audience for it to be "public", students must submit speeches in front of an audience.

Q: How do I submit a speech in an online course?

A: Students are given the options of assembling their own audience (each instructor determines the size of the audience required,) recording their speech, and submitting a recorded copy to their instructor; or attending a speaking group on a CPCC campus arranged by the instructor.

Q: Do I need to buy the book for my class?

A: Course material will be based in the textbooks, and it is to the advantage of a student to purchase the book required for the course. If you cannot afford to purchase a textbook, all CPCC libraries on all campuses have textbooks on reserve. You cannot check the textbook out and take it home, but you can have access to it in the library.

Q: Can I get permission to register for a full class?

A: Only students who need a specific course to graduate from CPCC that semester will be given permission to register for a full section. If that is your situation, have your faculty advisor can email Theresa Russo confirming your status.

Q: How do I get permission to register for a class after the start date?

A: Permission will be granted only if seats are available in the section. The instructor for the class must contact Theresa Russo indicating their permission.

Q: Can I substitute Com 231 for Com 110 as my general education requirement (or vice versa)?

A: The Communication Discipline always approves substitutions of Com 231 for Com 110, or Com 110 for Com 231. Many programs will also approve the substitution. Check with your program of study and send requests to the Division Director.

First Step to Enroll

Before registering, new and prospective students should contact the Program Office or the Program Chair.