Journalism and Communication

CommunicationAre you considering a major in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, film, communications or advertising?  Get started in your desired communications field at Central Piedmont Community College. Learn about our course offerings by consulting a faculty advisor or a career services counselor.

Communication Courses & Prerequisites

Public Speaking is what many people may think of first when they think about studying communication. Learning to address a group is one of many valuable skills that students of communication will develop, but communicating effectively involves both verbal and nonverbal communication skills. CPCC's Communication department offers a variety of courses where students can learn about many facets of communication including public speaking, persuasion, mass communication as well as interpersonal, nonverbal and intercultural communication.  We recommend you check the current course catalog.

Join the Honor Club

The CPCC Communication faculty offers an honor club for those students interested in pursuing communication. The National Communication Association granted CPCC its Sigma Chi Eta charter. Interested students must have 9 semester hours completed (approximately three communication classes) and a 3.0 GPA. If you meet these requirements and would like to learn more about being a member of Sigma Chi Eta, please contact your Communication Instructor or the Sigma Chi Eta Faculty Advisor.

First Step to Enroll

Before registering, new and prospective students should contact the Program Office or the Program Chair.