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Digital Media, Journalism and Communication
The Digital Media, Journalism and Communication Division offers students a variety of courses in simulation and gaming, journalism, communication and digital film.  As the world of media arts brings together people from different places faster and on smaller devices, you will learn fundamental skills that will prepare you for careers in the fields that create, produce and support these forms of news, entertainment and social connectivity.

Broadcasting and Production Technology
The Broadcasting and Production Technology program at Central Piedmont Community College offers a variety of multimedia courses, educating students in mass communication, journalism, digital storytelling and law and ethics. Students matriculating in this area are learning content creation and production skills that will help them find employment in our digital, new media economy. We also offer journalism, digital media, marketing, editing and technology courses and internship hours. Content creation and focused, journalism writing are two of the main components of the program. For more information about this new program offering classes in fall 2018, contact Anasa.sinegal@cpcc.edu.


The Communication Studies Department offers coursework that tackles communication on a number of levels.  From intercultural communication to debate and the relationship between mass media and the public, classes in this area can provide you with the foundation for jobs in diverse industries.  Knowing how to effectively communicate is key in any workplace and a specialization in communication studies can demonstrate to employers strong leadership and critical thinking abilities.

Digital Film & Videography

Digital Film and Videography students take a series of courses that are vital for work in a number of electronic media industries.  In our certificate program, you will learn the practical, technical skills needed to pursue work in film making, broadcasting and general film production. Students will also explore thematic, focused writing as they work at embedding narrative structure into their final products.

For more information contact Chris Pittman at Chris.pittman@cpcc.edu or by phone 704.330.6564 or the Digital Media, Journalism and Communication office at 704.330.2722.

Simulation & Game Development

The Simulation and Game Development program provides a broad background for students looking for a career in the gaming and animation industries. You will receive hands-on training in design, 3D modeling, software engineering, database administration and programming for the purpose of creating simulations and games. Instructors also teach courses that focus on the topics of business management and storytelling as they relate to the game industry.