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November 2017

November was an important month in the development of the overall website strategy. Website surveys were emailed to all faculty, staff, and current students, along with a significant number of college alumni.  Nearly 2,500 responded within 3 days—a record response number according to our partner, BarkleyREI! All of the feedback from the surveys, the on-site town hall meetings and analytics data gathered the by the BarkleyREI team drives the vision for the new website. The goal of the new site is to:

Modernize to tell the story and purpose of CPCC in a clear, loud, and far-reaching way with a focus on: Impact, Innovation, Transformation, Hope, Excellence, and Student Success.

Next steps: BarkleyREI is at work reorganizing the navigation (or menu) for the new website. They’re also working on 2 design concepts for the homepage. These recommendations will be presented to the website redesign committee in late January. Check back here for updates on the progress.

October 2017

BarkleyREI was on site October 17 and 18 to conduct discovery town hall sessions with leadership from across the college. The sessions were designed to get feedback on what college leadership thinks are important elements of and how we can strategically focus our content to reach priority audiences. Groups included members from:

      • Learning Council
      • Outreach and Recruitment
      • Faculty
      • Student LIfe
      • Arts
      • Financial Aid
      • Admissions
      • Current students from the Student Government Association
      • Corporate and Continuing Education
      • Foundation
      • Services Corporation
      • And members of the core team from CRMS and ITS

To gather information from the rest of the college community, a short online survey will be emailed the week of November 6 to three groups: faculty/staff, current students, and alumni. Please participate as soon as possible because 1) we greatly value your feedback and 2) you could win two lower-level tickets to the December 17 Carolina vs. Green Bay home game.

Next steps: BarkleyREI will aggregate feedback from the town hall sessions and the surveys and also evaluate our website traffic on via Google Analytics. These data points will inform their information architecture recommendations. In short, the next milestone in the project is a recommendation of how to reorganize and restructure the site, resulting in a new and improved website navigation or menu.

September 2017

BarkleyREI has been awarded the contract to partner with the college on the redesign and redevelopment of the website. Work is slated to begin in mid-October beginning with an all college survey to gain feedback from faculty, staff, and students. Your input through this survey is valuable, so please watch for this to arrive in your email inbox.

More details on the planned project timeline and what you can expect are forthcoming, so please visit this page for updates throughout the project.

July 2017

The Website Redesign Committee makes a recommendation to procurement and is waiting for approval to award the contract.

June 2017

Three vendors were invited to Central Campus for in-person presentations.

May 2017

RFP posted to invite vendor proposals