General Education Foundation

All programs of study at Central Piedmont Community College require that students complete 18 hours of general education courses specific to the General Education Foundation. The General Education Foundation introduces students to a variety of disciplines which provide exposure to different ways of thinking and interacting with the world; through this process, students attain an understanding of self, society, global issues, and civic engagement.

The General Education Foundation represents the possible courses students may choose from in order to complete the General Education requirements of a specific program. The following parameters guided the determination for course inclusion to the General Education Foundation:

  • Alignment with the North Carolina Community College System (NCCS) General Education requirements:  a minimum of 15 credits of general education courses across the following areas:
      • 6 hours of English/Communication
      • 3 hours of Math or Natural Science
      • 3 hours of Humanities/Fine Arts
      • 3 hours of Social/Behavioral Science
    • A cross-disciplinary representation of courses that provides students an understanding of self, society, global issues, and civic engagement.
    • Course content is foundational discipline content
    • Transferable as General Education Core Course to 4-year college or university
    • Discussions with stakeholders, including Program Chairs, Division Directors, and Deans.
    • Data analysis of degree programs and the general education courses that students complete.