It is the student's responsibilty to report all withdrawals or attendance issues to CPCC's Office of Veterans Affairs immediately to prevent overpayments. Student are required to complete a VA Schedule Adjustment form and submit mitigating circumstances in writing for evaluation and approval within five business days.

The last date of attendance must be verified by the instructor for all withdrawals.
Students are allowed a one-time exclusion from being penalized for withdrawing for up to six credit hours. This exclusion has to be approved and processed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Students can be paid up to the last date of attendance for those six hours. After that time, students have to provide the VA Office with mitigating circumstances or repay any benefits received. If the student attended classes throughout the semester and receives a “W” (non-punitive) as a grade, this has to be reported to the VA Regional Office and is not part of the 6-hour one time exclusion even if he/she can document that they attended through the last day of class. Students are responsible for overpayments resulting from non-punitve grades.

Failure to notify CPCC’s VA Office of withdrawals and continued acceptance of educational funds may be considered fraud. Students are encouraged to register only for those classes they know they can complete.