What’s Happening in Planning and Research


Planning and Research has been a hotbed of activity over the past year. We have updated the
Fact Book for 2003-4, updated both websites (IE and Planning and Research), conducted another round of

the Community College Survey of Student Engagement, provided strong support for several major grants and initiatives (e.g. Title III, Service Learning, the CCTI project and the withdrawal rate pilot project), assisted with administrative unit review and instructional program review, participated in the National Community College Benchmarking Study and opened the new Center for Applied Research.

The Center opened its doors in March of 2004 when Central Piedmont became the first community college in the nation to house a for-profit research center. The Center has one new fulltime person and two part-time employees dedicated to external contracts. The success has been phenomenal with projects and studies being proposed weekly. Planning and Research staff will also support the Center on a project by project basis. As you can see, amid our regular duties plus making 10 presentations at regional and national meetings and consulting with other colleges, the staff has been very busy. Please let us know if we can help you with your research, assessment and evaluation needs.