Terina Roberson


How do you know if students are learning? As CPCC moves toward becoming a more learning centered college, this is the question we must answer. Terina Roberson is a full time sociology instructor who has been with CPCC for the past 5 years. She is currently involved in a variety of projects that are designed to help prove that students are learning. Terina has taken on a leadership role in the service learning program. She has led training workshops for other instructors and implemented service learning in both her seated and online classes. Terina strongly believes that service learning is an effective teaching methodology and hopes to one day show data to prove her theory. She believes service learning helps students learn how to think. It Challenges students to question their worldview, and allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to “real world” situations.

Mark Helms, Associate Dean for Student Life and Service Learning, nominated Terina for this Spotlight on Learning recognition and says “Terina is all about learning”. Terina served as an advisor to a newly formed student organization called ACT – Advocating Choices Together. ACT played a leadership role in Project VOTE last fall, resulting in over 400 students, faculty and staff registering to vote in the November 2004 elections. Terina loves teaching, adores the students and looks for opportunities to help her students grow as life long learners and responsible citizens.