Suzanne Williams

Profile: Suzanne Williams is one of those rare individuals who functions equally well as instructor and as administrator. She does this by keeping her focus on what is best for our students. As an instructor, Suzanne works hard to help her students understand how the problems they solve in the classroom are related to problems they will face in their everyday lives. She has a gift for taking a potentially intimidating subject and making it something that students can grasp and apply in their dealings with others. She is always willing to share what she has learned with others and is also open to suggestions about how she can improve. Suzanne is not afraid to ask the hard questions and to "paddle upstream." What makes this characteristic so valuable is that it is always done in an effort to improve the learning experiences of our students and to support the teaching and learning environment.

As an administrator, Suzanne has taken the learning college philosophy to heart. She consistently uses her division meetings to share best practices in teaching and learning. The math faculty conducts research and then presents at each division meeting. Several of the math faculty have participated in a year-long critical thinking project. Suzanne has encouraged their participation and welcomed their input about how to infuse this important skill into math classes. Her collaborative approach communicates the value she places on faculty expertise. Suzanne has high standards, both for herself and the instructors in her department and takes the mission of the College very seriously.